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Have you started to think about Christmas present shopping yet?

I have bought my first Christmas present and boy do I feel good!…but I’ve still a long way to go and the hardest part is often deciding what to buy, not getting it!

So, if you’re heading for the high street, what should you be thinking of?

  • Most retailers are just starting to extend their ‘returns date’ to after Christmas, so check before you buy.
  • Get a ‘gift receipt’. I was talking to my husband about this yesterday and I made the glib comment that everyone these days knows about ‘gift receipts’. He replied “I don’t”, thus making a very valid point, never assume what may seem obvious to you! So ladies make sure you inform your husbands that when buying your Christmas present they ask for a ‘gift receipt’ (a receipt that doesn’t show the price but means that if the garment needs to be returned after Christmas you have proof of purchase and the original price paid (in code) so that if necessary, you get a refund or exchange for the original purchase price).
  • Think about colouring – buy the colour that will suit the person you are buying for, not one you like! And if you don’t know avoid buying a scarf – how many do you have in the draw that were bought as a present but aren’t quite right?

So ladies and gents, happy shopping!

If you need some help, inspiration or advice, get in touch because this time of year in particular is when my extensive retail experience can come to the fore.

Perhaps this is the perfect time to mention that I offer Gift Vouchers for any denomination – what a perfect present for him or her!




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