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Remix – Wardrobe Weeding.

You decide how long you want to spend reviewing your wardrobe and discovering what works well, but I would recommend a minimum of 2 hours and this can be done either online or face to face.

It will involve looking at colour, style, outfit selection and wardrobe management so that your wardrobe works for you and you can dress with ease for any occasion.

But you decide, so for example, if you want it to be about sorting out your holiday selection and packing, then that’s fine.

Shopping in your wardrobe – how about exploring your current wardrobe with me to see what possibilities it can offer? We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time and it’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes and a different approach can create in the way of new outfit options.

Everyone’s wardrobe is different and trust me, I’ve seen lots! But I understand that you might feel hesitant with someone you don’t know very well dipping into your private space. So that’s why I always encourage clients to have a chat with me on the phone – that way you get to find out a little more about how I approach my work – having studied psychology I have a deeper understanding of the sensitivities involved, the emotional attachment to clothes and how we feel about our bodies.

I’ll guide you through what to expect so you can prepare, choosing the room to work in and the outfits to show me based on what we’ve discussed.

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