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Text Nov 10th 2015


Spring/Summer Trend Inspiration

What to wear this Spring/Summer whilst keeping it cost effective. We’re now well into 2024 and I’m excited that the days are getting longer and hopefully the warmer weather will soon be on its way. Which got me thinking about Spring/Summer trends. Now whilst I don’t want

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How to keep your jumpers in perfect shape and moth free!

Looking after your knitwear –                   Have you ever had problems with those pesky moths? The odds are that at some time or other you would have done and it’s always your favourite jumper that they seem to hit

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Are your jeans really sustainable?

How to shop for denim with an easy conscience.                Hiut jeans – see below for 20% discount.   Jeans are probably your best loved staple, the item of clothing you wear most in your wardrobe. However, it’s important that when

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Autumn Transition.

What to wear this Autumn – Well, by now the sandals have been packed away and we’ve started drawing the curtains earlier…whilst I’ve been resisting autumn for as long as possible and getting as much wear as I can from my summer wardrobe it’s now time to

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