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I booked Lesley’s ‘Colour Correct and Inside Out’ colour and style consultation package following the birth of my first child.

My closet was full of clothes that either didn’t fit anymore or were baggy cover-ups. Lesley was a present to myself, to get me feeling good about my new shape, and make sure I didn’t waste money on the wrong clothes.

I came away knowing exactly what suited me and what colours to look out for.

Shopping is now so much easier! If you’re thinking about booking, just do it, you won’t regret it!

I’m loving the colours and how much they brighten me up! Thanks for today, it was fantastic, I had a blast and I feel more confident already!

“Shopping is now so much easier! If you’re thinking about booking, just do it, you won’t regret it!”



As an interior designer I am always very conscious of my appearance when meeting clients, I am judged by clients on all levels and looking both stylish and presentable is really import to me as a business. I employed the service of Lesley to help create a new look that portrayed the image I required. Lesley came well recommended and from early discussions it was clear she had an excellent grasp of Men’s fashion and style, something I felt was really important from a male perspective. 

After the initial consultation in which Lesley worked through a questionnaire, did my colours and edited my existing wardrobe, we were emailed with a shopping list to meet both my work and social wardrobe. I really appreciated this process; to an extent it mirrors how I approach design projects. I felt Lesley really understood what I needed, what I would be comfortable wearing, the clothes she suggested and the budget I was working to. 

The shopping morning was excellent, all credit to Lesley. It was evident immediately that Lesley had researched both the shopping list and what was on the shelves at that point in time. For me this was where Lesley’s services came into their own.

With a shopping framework in place, discarding items I may have considered before immediately narrowed down the search. Every item was picked with both style, its matching potential and aftercare instructions in mind, which meant after five whirlwind hours I had a great wardrobe. Lesley was patient, tactful and happy to listen to my opinion!!!

I no longer have to choose what I wear, I know what goes with what and I have an option for every work day and social outings too. We stuck to the budget and actually picked up every item on the list. I have since added a couple of items, but have stayed very much to Lesley’s formula.

My future clothes shopping will be limited to a couple of trips each year with Lesley leading the way.

As one of Lesley’s male clients I would wholly recommend her service.



“I felt Lesley really understood what I needed.”



‘The transformation and confidence Lesley brings to her clients is amazing.

She has not only changed what I wear…but her latest challenge was my husband who was in the bad habit of wearing a fleece most days, regardless of what
he was doing.

They went through his wardrobe together and discussed what he liked and how he felt in those clothes before he decided what to part with.

They then had half a day shopping…Lesley ran round working her magic whilst he was able to try on in comfort.

He now looks amazing, not over the top but just ‘him’. He felt great, he hadn’t spent loads, she knew what would suit him and he still felt comfortable.

“Can’t recommend Lesley enough!’




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Lesley has made a big difference to the way I think about shopping and the clothes I buy. With a few simple rules she has helped me save money and feel good about my self-image.

Lesley puts lots of work and effort into each client, I know because she’s also worked with my Mum and husband.

She is thoughtful and considerate about helping you to develop your own sense of style to make the right choices that work for your lifestyle and personality, and get you compliments along the way! 

I can highly recommend Lesley’s services and she’s worth every penny.

“Lesley is thoughtful and considerate about helping you to develop your own sense of style”





I booked Lesley for a colour analysis and wardrobe weeding, having met her on a Menopause course she ran.

I had lots of things in my wardrobe that I either didn’t wear or didn’t know how to wear (what to put what with to be precise). I was basically putting my same old favourites on every day – jeans, T-shirt, and a cover up. This didn’t stop me shopping though! I was still buying things that just sat in my wardrobe unsure of whether they suited me or not.

The colour analysis was great I have a little swatch of all the colours that suit me and from that we then weeded my wardrobe, which for me was fantastic. Lesley then identified key pieces that I would need to wear with the clothes I had. I then booked a personal shopping day.

Lesley and I had a quick chat about the clothes I wanted before setting off shopping but Lesley had already done her homework regarding where to shop and what would suit me. I now know what colours and styles to go for. The whole experience has been fantastic. It has stopped me buying/ordering clothes constantly and now when I go to my wardrobe it is so much easier to put an outfit together and feel good in it.

Lesley has saved me money and is such a pleasure to be with and so helpful I cannot recommend her enough.




Lesley’s approach was perfect, a whirlwind of activity, experimenting, trying things, changing things. She seems to have a sixth sense at spotting perfect items and navigating stores that makes for an incredibly efficient trip. Balancing cost with style and use – it also wasn’t as hard on the wallet as I’d imagined.

Ultimately as well as giving my wardrobe a much needed injection of stylish variety, the few hours with Lesley left me coming away with a new way of thinking about what I wear – how to think about it, what’s important and what’s not, giving me confidence in my own thoughts. For me this was the biggest win. Massive thanks to Lesley for really fun afternoon… but with results that certainly my wife and girls approved of!

For guys like me, a little set in your way about what you wear, I really can’t recommend her strongly enough!




As a mum of three young children while running a business and more besides, I lost all focus on myself.  I reached a point of disliking all my clothes and hating shopping.  I definitely looked “mumsy”. I particularly dreaded the many social functions I was attending often feeling very uncomfortable with how I looked. I didn’t think I could feel stylish again.

Lesley helped me to rediscover my own sense of style with a surprising box of tricks.  My friends, family and hubby have all noticed the change and I am enjoying feeling more than comfortable and stylish again!

Lesley is so genuinely passionate about what she does. She is also a kind, intuitive and an appropriately assertive soul. Meeting and working with her is such a pleasure.




Hi Lesley,

Thanks ever so for everything and boy is everything a hit!!!

Leather Jacket – GORGEOUS – been wearing last two days – positive comments galore.

Blue Cardigan – envy from Tanya ?

My dress for the christening – the compliments keep flowing – although my feet are still recovering from wearing my heels all day long!! Obviously good for attracting the opposite sex, as I had two best mates sort of fighting for me ??  Now that’s definite evidence that ‘you are the style guru!!’

My pink/grey top – wearing today and it’s sooooo comfy!!

Green Jacket – ‘perfect fit’ was the comment I received from my work colleagues.

I’m happy……very happy and feeling very sexy and confident. Thank you, thank you again for being brilliant.

Elphee, a very,very, very, happy client


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