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Colour Wheel


Colour Correct – Colour Analysis.

It’s amazing what a difference just wearing the right colour can make.

Whether online or face to face, this takes approximately 1 hour. For the face to face consultation good natural lighting is required and for you to be make-up free!

The psychology of colour can be very powerful, it affects us physically, mentally and emotionally and if you are wearing the right colours it will have a positive impact on how others respond to you.

It is a procedure that identifies the colours you should wear to best compliment your eyes, skin tone and hair. You will receive a business card wallet containing 32 colour swatches that will work best for you. You can then use this as your guide to build an effective capsule wardrobe around your core colours. You will also want to use it when you go shopping to make sure you select the right tone and shade of garments.

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