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How to shop in the sales

Well, it’s sale time again and for a lot of retailers it started before we even thought about celebrating New Year!

As a lot of you know, I have a retail background and I am very aware of the subtle psychological tricks retailers use to get us to part with our money, but this time of year they don’t have to try very hard! They just need to put a reduced ticket on and we’re drawn in – how many of you can remember saying something like ‘…it only cost me’ or ‘I saved…’

My question to you is, did you really make a saving? Remember, it’s only a bargain if you planned to buy it at full price. Most sale purchases are impulse buys but the same guidelines need to apply as always – how is it going to fit with the rest of your clothes in the wardrobe? What are you going to wear it with? Don’t compromise because of the price, it’s still got to be the right colour, fit and style for you, otherwise it’s not going to work regardless of the price tag!

And also, don’t forget how quickly trends move on – if it’s in the sale now, that means its probably been in the shops for quite a while, so it will soon be superseded by the new Spring/Summer collections that will very quickly be appearing (despite us not experiencing the coldest spell of winter yet!)

So, remember those 3 magic rules:

Can you wear it with 3 different things already in your wardrobe?

Can you wear it to 3 different events?

Can you wear it for 3 years?

Love it madly, need it badly or put it back!!



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