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Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Whether you’re a follower of fashion or more of a classic dresser, it’s nice to know what’s going to be current in the shops for the coming season, so here’s some ideas if you want to get ahead of the game or just want a few pointers in which direction you might go to update your wardrobe…

One prediction I’m making is that you’ll see more metallic around – that could be in footwear, your handbag, or even your coat, although I’m not sure I’ll be recommending that one! 

On a more down-to-earth note, invest in a pair of loafers. You will see them being worn with anything from jeans to dresses. Selfridges have over 300 to choose from. Whilst they are going to be popular in S/S 16, I think they are quite a timeless classic, so it’s worth investing in a decent pair. Another footwear trend that continues to grow strong is the chunky sandal – it started an appearance in 2014 and has grown in popularity, definitely one to invest in this summer. The new design of shoe that you’ll start to see around is based on the Moroccan ‘Babouche’, a flat slipper like shoe with an exaggerated pointy toe – like these…


The next trend I’d like to touch upon is a personal favourite – the striped top! I have many, but you can’t go wrong with a classic Breton! This season we’ll be seeing more colourful stripes and some wider variations – be wary, they won’t suit everyone! However, great choice of top if you’re a pear shape. There will also be lots of checks and spots about. 

Frills will be around as part of the romantic look but don’t go too frilly, particularly if you’ve got a more angular body or face shape. If that’s the case, you’d be better off embracing the ‘Prairie’ look and wearing a checked shirt, possibly with a denim skirts, which will be popular.

Bags will continue to be smaller but practical, so a tick for cross-body bags and rucksacks. You’ll even see the reappearance of the ‘bum’ bag, can you believe?


Silver cross body bag, by Kin at John Lewis

What about jewellery? – think chunky bracelets (not the best accessory for avid keyboard users) but don’t go too wild, keep it in proportion to your bone structure.

If you’ve got the body shape for it (i.e. a waist and not too generous hips) embrace the pocketed field jacket – very practical if you’ve got that smaller bag!!

And what about knitwear; look for interesting detail – asymmetric cuts (great for apple shaped bodies), swooping backs (great if you want to hide your bum!), knots, pleats, ties, twists. They will create interest to your outfit and be more avant garde than just last year’s ‘plain’ jumper. You’ll also spot ‘stringy’ vests out there! 

Lingerie will make an appearance – underwear being worn as outerwear, team with black tailoring.

Apart from rose quartz and serenity, the pantone colour for S/S 16, there will be lots of juicy orange, very youthful and cheerful!     

And finally, why not bear your shoulders? They are the new erogenous zone for S/S 16, especially if worn with a halter neck tie.  Zara £22.90


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