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Denim Update – What style should you be wearing?

How many pairs of jeans do you own? How strongly do they feature in your wardrobe?

For most women, jeans are a key part of their capsule wardrobe but which style should you be considering?
We’ve seen the shift from low to high rise, skinnies to flares and now it’s about a more relaxed look, showing off your ankles and having frayed edges, but what if you haven’t got very shapely ankles?

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zaraLevis and Zara Jeans

So this is the run down of what you should be looking out for based on your body shape –

If you have an hourglass or pear shaped figure you will look best in boot cut or flared jeans, as this will balance your upper body proportions.







If you have an apple or inverted triangle body shape, it’s likely that you’ve got shapely legs, which means you can wear ‘skinnies’. These will work well with the type of tops/tunics that suit your body shape. If your legs aren’t so good, go for a fitted jean that’s not clinging with less stretch and make sure it’s in a solid dark indigo.







For those of you that have a straight body you can wear almost any style and shade of denim.

Remember the general rule – if your top is loose, wear tighter bottoms and if your top is fitted wear less fitted bottoms!

Also, your footwear will be influenced by your style of jeans – if you’re wearing skinnies then most footwear will work – you can tuck them neatly into your boots, wear heels, roll up the bottoms and put on converse, pumps, brogues, loafers etc.

If you are wearing jeans with a wider finish, they need to skim the floor with your shoes on. Chunkier footwear works well (wedged, platforms) and boots will look great but avoid showing a band of flesh as with a court style shoe. This will break up the fluidity and line of your look.

The rise of your jeans should be determined by the length of your body and waist/rise proportion but if you stick with mid rise you can’t go far wrong!

And on a practical note, always wash your jeans inside out, on a low temperature with non-biological laundry powder/liquid. Denim is a utility product designed to need minimum washing, so if you are always needing to put your jeans through the wash to get their shape back, that’s probably because they’re not very good quality. Try a different brand next time and pick a style with less lycra.


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