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Holiday Packing

holiday packing

Well, the school holidays are fast approaching so I guess for a lot of you holidays are looming in your thoughts?

So I thought that perhaps I should use this timely opportunity to remind you of some great packing tips!

If you’re packing for most of your family then the responsibility for so many things – not just the clothes, but medical supplies, various lotions and potions, can become quite daunting and stressful.


…But it goes without saying that I’m going to focus on the clothes!

First of all, whether it’s clothes or other things required, make a list, keep it to hand and add to it as soon as you remember something – don’t wait because if you are anything like me and multi tasking, you’ll soon forget – you’ll remember that you needed to add something but won’t remember what – very frustrating!!



Obviously the destination of your holiday will make a considerable difference to what and how much you need but these tips can be adapted to most situations. 

Get everything out – preferably in the spare room, if you have one, if not find a space where you can lay out your packing and see what you’ve got.

Try and find time to pack in one go. If you pack in dribs and drabs you’re more likely to forget things – that’s where that list can help! 

Mix the bags around – for e.g. pack some of your clothes with your kids stuff, that way if a bag goes missing it won’t be all of one persons belongings that need to be replaced.

Make use of every little bit of space, nook and cranny – put underwear in the small gaps around the edges fill your shoes with items (well perhaps not the kids smelly trainers!).

Roll instead of folding your clothes – it’s great to minimize creasing, especially with vulnerable fabric like linen.

We often pack too much, so to help limit this – base your packing around 3 colours – e.g. 2 neutral and one bright, this can also help minimize your shoe requirements and then use accessories to increase your outfit options.


A few practical tips:

Put your shoes in plastic bags – stops anything else getting dirty.

Take a laundry bag or a bin liner – great to put damp towels in on your return!

If you’re taking powder blusher/eye shadow put a cotton pad in the compact to stop any ‘explosion’!

Wear your heaviest garments, especially shoes if you’ve got a weight restriction.

 Image 11-07-2016 at 15.09

Your suitcase should be a ‘mini capsule wardrobe! Keep it simple with the colour theme! 


Have a great holiday!                     

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can help you in anyway!


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