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Rediscover You

I hope you’ve all had a good summer?

Have you been away and indulged, eating and drinking more than you would normally? Is your waistband is a little tighter than you would like?

If so, now is the time to take action – it will be so much easier than letting things drift. It will also mean that when you are ready to change over your summer wardrobe to more autumnal clothes they will all fit you well. Instead of discovering the outfits you thought were ok just don’t quite look and feel as good as you remember!

What options do you have? Think about your diet and activity – here are some tips from Jacqui Jackson, personal trainer and nutritional advisor:

– Now is the time to get back into eating good clean food. Ditch the processed foods – like biscuits, crisps, chocolate and reach for delicious fruit and nuts for your snacks. Try to reduce the amount of white pasta, white rice and chips you eat and swap for sweet potato, quinoa or even cauliflower rice.

– Bin the fizzy drinks, even the diet ones. They do nothing for your body. Drink more water – every cell in your body needs it. Tea and coffee doesn’t count by the way! Add a slice of lime or lemon to your water for a different taste.

– If you are finding it tough getting back into exercise then try something different. Bored of the gym, then find a high energy group class. Take a buddy along and you can laugh with each other at the back. If you prefer some time to yourself – then run, bike, swim or even all three. There are so many fantastic sports and activities out there to try so what are you waiting for?


To help you kick start positively into autumn Jacqui and I have put together a couple of special offers:

If you have already worked with me and would benefit from a one hour follow-up review we are offering this together with 3 one to one personal training sessions for only £150!


Alternatively, if you haven’t worked with either of us before you may well benefit from a comprehensive package, which is outlined below:


However, because Jacqui and I understand that sometimes you might want something a little more personalized and if the above sounds interesting but not quite right for you, then get in touch with us to discuss in more detail. You may even fancy getting a few friends together and doing a small group session where you can have fun supporting each other!


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