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How effective is your sale shopping?


Have you ventured to the sales yet? Are you someone who avoids them completely or do you like hunting for a bargain?


If you are planning to go shopping in the near future, when the stores won’t be so well merchandised, here are my words of advice:



  • Before you go spend time going through your wardrobe. Re-organise and cull if necessary. It’s an excellent way of to help you focus on what you really need.


  • Have a budget in mind, so you don’t get carried away with alleged bargains.


  • Start your shopping trip early when you have patience and stamina.


  • It will be hot in the shops, so wear thin layers, no bulky, heavy coat!


  • Fit is everything – don’t buy anything that needs altering or that you think will be perfect after the New Year diet has kicked in, buy for now.


  • Focus on classics (trends move on very quickly, hence them often being on the sale rail). Classic garments will last the test of time, which will make them the real bargains.


  • Ask yourself, would you have bought it at full price? Remember, it’s only a bargain if you are going to get good wear from it and it works with your existing wardrobe.


  • If you are shopping on-line, read the reviews and check the returns policy. Things can look very different on the models to how they look in the flesh.



So, remember those 3 magic rules:

Can you wear it with 3 different things already in your wardrobe?

Can you wear it to 3 different events?

Can you wear it for 3 years?


Love it madly, need it badly or put it back!!


If sale shopping isn’t for you but you need some help with your wardrobe, get in touch!



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