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What colour should I be wearing?


Well, if you ask this question now – Spring/Summer 2017, the answer would surely be pink! But what good is that to you? Have you any idea how many shades of pink are out there?

Baker-Miller pink, Mountbatten pink, Puce, Fuchsia, Shocking pink, Fluorescent pink, Amaranth, Salmon pink, to name but a few…

Anyway, get my drift…it can be a minefield when it comes to colour.

If you want to be on trend – think ‘bright’, it will certainly cheer you up!

Top row from Zara, or you maybe more of a Boden girl, second row! 

zarafrockcoat69.99    zarajumper25.99zara shirt19.99





But who can really wear bright pink?

For example, if you are wearing too much ‘Barbie pink’ for an interview you could be construed as too ‘girly’ and not taken seriously enough. Whereas a pop of Fushia grounded with mainly navy and possibly another neutral can look very different – getting the balance right will mean you come across warm, approachable and innovative.

The things you should know: 

Wearing the ‘right’ colour, tone and shade that suits your natural complexion can be very uplifting, it can make you stand out in a crowd, look younger than your years and give a sparkle to your eyes. But there are some things you should know to help you get the perfect shade.


  • Colour changes your features – if you are wearing a colour that suits you, you’ll look healthier and your eyes will be more defined. If a colour isn’t right for you it will throw back up onto your face. This tends to widen and drop the jawline. If the colour is too light for you it will throw white up onto your face and make you look washed out.


  • Generally, the darker the eyes, hair and skin, the stronger the colour you can wear.


  • You also need to consider the tone of your skin – is it warm, yellow-based or cool, blue-based? If warm, you want to consider more peachy, coral, salmon pinks.


  • Think about fabric texture as well. This can make a difference to the intensity of the colour and how it is represented. A colour on a smooth fabric will look brighter than on a textured fabric, where it will appear softer and more muted.


So there are lots of aspects to consider – give it a go – check you colours in the mirror (best to be make-up free because then it will be more obvious to you!) – do you notice the colour before seeing you?


If you’ve got an eclectic array of colour in your wardrobe and never really know what works best or if you’re someone who plays it safe with neutrals, I can show you how to safely experiment with colour so that you can feel more confident, getting admiring compliments. What colour were you wearing the last time you received a compliment?



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