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Saturday Night Fever!

Saturday Night Fever


John Travolta always dressed to perfection in the film ‘Saturday Night Fever’ but it’s not quite that easy. You’d have thought we’d have it nailed by now! However, it doesn’t quite work like that.


Finding the right outfit for Saturday night shouldn’t be so stressful. It was different when we were younger – we could easily go to the high street and know we’d come away with something. Not anymore, that was when we were in our teens. Today there’s more choice available but that means we have to filter through all these options before we find what we are looking for. The reality is that for most for us, with our ever increasing busy lives, we just don’t have the time so the whole experience becomes quiet stressful.


Then there’s the added dilemma of what’s the dress code, what will other people be wearing – how smart do I need to be?

The outfit you were planning on wearing would have been fine if you weren’t having a ‘fat’ day and that’s before you’ve eaten!!!

Grrr, nightmare for you cortisol levels – this stress hormone has been attributed to increasing our tummy fat. If we’re too stressed it’s over production makes it harder to loose weight.


So step one in reducing the ‘fever’ – deep breathe and chill…


Step 2 – now is not the time to try out something new that you’re not sure about – stick with the old favourite even if you’ve worn it before with the same group of people. It’s better to be remembered for wearing something that suits you instead of changing it for an outfit that doesn’t work so well. I think we can sometimes get too hung up on ‘I need to have something new because I’ve worn that before’ scenario.


But when you do plan to get something new my top tip would be to consider a jumpsuit. They suit so many body shapes and can be ‘dressed’ in so many different ways – with stilettos, coloured shoes, or you can even get away with flats (something with just a small heel) if you are planning to be Stephanie Mangano and dancing the night away with John Travolta! Did you know they have also been included in the Royal Ascot dress code for the first time this year!











ME&EM, navy jumpsuit £119


Step 3 – try to make sure you are wearing a colour that suits. But if you’ve opted for black and you know it’s a bit unforgiving on you, all you need to do is make a little extra effort with your makeup, keep the neckline open and wear some great jewellery.


Step 4 – think about fabric – a silk shirt can look glamorous and classically stylish.


Step 5 – don’t try to be something that you think you should be. If you feel good you’ll exude confidence. So if for example, you’re normally a jeans and T shirt sort of girl putting on a flowy dress and heels will probably feel wrong. So instead, go for some smart dark indigo jeans with a jacket – preferable one with a twist, interesting detail, fabric etc.

R Island









River Island £65



Or what about wide leg trousers, they can look very glamorous – but remember the general rule – if you’re wearing looser trousers, go for a more fitted top and if you’re trousers are fitted (eg skinnies) opt for a looser, more flowing top.


So, if you follow these simple steps you’ll be toe to toe with John Travolta for your Saturday night out!


As always, if you need any individual help, don’t hesitate to get in contact!


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