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My 3 year rule!

I was tempted the other day to purchase a top with cut out shoulders –

The colour suited me – tick

The shape was good – tick

It would work for several different occasions – tick

So all’s looking good. However, one other consideration to make is what would its ‘shelf life’ be? I reckon that if you are thinking of purchasing a ‘trend’ item, before you make the purchase, think about how much wear you can get from it. Trends tend to have a 3 year ‘shelf life’:

1st year – you’ll see it in the shops for the first time. Those trend-setters amongst us will be making the purchase and re-enforcing ‘the look’.

2nd year – you’ll see the trend everywhere.

3rd year – the trend will start to be superseded by something else more current.

…So by the 4th year you’ll feel it has become dated.

My word of caution here is think practically about how much you’ll wear it, how much do you ‘love’ it and just want to throw caution to the wind and of course does it suit you – will it draw in any compliments?

Having said all that, fashion is cyclical and the trends will come back round again. So for example, if you were thinking of embracing the blazer or slightly oversize jacket trend this season, which is currently evident in the shops, I think this would meet the three-year rule! You know all those times that you go to wear a jacket but your top is just that bit too long, well problem solved!!

Jackets and blazers can be so versatile and I think there’s a place for at least one in every wardrobe. The double-breasted ones that are around now would particularly suit those of you with a smaller bust (pear and straight body shapes) and the shorter ‘channel’ style is great for hourglass bodies, which generally have a shorter waist.


Selection of jackets from Zara, Boden and Hush


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