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Happy New Year and Happy Sale Shopping!

Happy New Year and Happy Sale Shopping!  – 











But before you head to the sales I want you to think about what you’re looking for?


I want to talk to you about luxury pieces. That’s because sale time is when you could to be thinking of this type of purchase and not necessarily adding to your wardrobe with something more ‘high Street’ that you’d probably treat yourself to anyway. So for example, a cashmere jumper instead of acrylic, perhaps a quality leather handbag, those leather boots you’ve had your eye on. This means you’ll be looking at brands you don’t normally buy from but only lust over.  


We’re not always going to get it right when making purchases. Most of us will have something in our wardrobes that just didn’t work in the way we’d hoped. When I see unworn garments in clients’ wardrobes or clothes still with their original tags on what many people tell me is that they were a ‘bargain’. It was the reduced price tag that lured them to make the purchase.


Firstly, let me remind you that it’s only a bargain if you wear it.


The real bargains are the pieces that you wouldn’t be able to afford at full price. So before you part with your hard earned cash, here are a few key things you should consider:


1. How will it enhance your appearance/style options, especially in the morning when you’re rushing to decide what to wear? If for example, you are thinking of treating yourself to a handbag – this can be a great way to bring together an outfit that’s a bit ‘everyday’ and perhaps more exclusive and distinctive. 







Selection of bags from Allsaints, Kate Spade and Whistles 


2. If it’s a clothing item make sure the colour suits you, especially if it’s close to your face. 


3. It’s not only got to fit your body well but also your personality! Really give this some thought – what styles do you like and why. It might help to go back to your wardrobe and remind yourself of what you’re not wearing, you don’t want to make the same mistake again. Also have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration: who’s style do you admire?


4. You’ve got to truly love it.


5. Think about cost per wear – how much will it fit into your lifestyle and get worn/used? The more you wear/use it, the better value it becomes. 


6. Finally, when you’ve made the purchase don’t save it for ‘best’. Research suggests that if you wear it straight away it’s attachment will be a positive experience and it will become part of your capsule ‘go to’ wardrobe.


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