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Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

Trends for Spring/Summer 2018 – Florals, Pastels and Sequins!


What should we be looking out for on the High Street as the season’s shift? It’s all well and good reading about the influx of all shades of lilac as the predominate pastel colour for S/S 2018 and the popularity of transparent fabric, tulle, plastic and silk but the real question is ‘how can I update my wardrobe with minimum spend and effort so you can be seen as ‘stylish’, not a slave to fashion?’


Filtering through these trends to end up with a S/S wardrobe that feels contemporary, age appropriate and effortless in no mean feat.


So what should you be doing?


Here are some trend guidelines to help you decide:


Pastels – think Neapolitan ice-cream! Pale hues of yellow, purple, green and pink – there’s definitely a colour for everyone. Remember if you’ve got a warm skin tone aim for the warmer tones and if you’ve got a cool skin-tone opt for the icier versions of these colours. The biggest challenge is if you have autumn colouring – go for purple instead of lilac and the yellow/greens.


       Selection from & Other Stories and Mint Velvet






Sequins – and metallic day wear – it’s no longer just for that party occasion. However, for a ‘day look’ play it down with something casual, for example, sweat top and trainers.


Transparent fabrics – what’s your best feature? If you’ve got great arms then you’ll want to think about a sheer fabric for your sleeves or if you’ve got a shapely pair of pins perhaps it’s the skirt option (with cycling shorts underneath because they’re also on the trend list!). I guess the plastic trend is at least perfect for our British weather. Oh and perhaps I should mention here that the trench coats also hit the list!








Feathers and fringing – these have had a festive reincarnation, but this will continue through spring. Ruffles are also in and these can create a feminine feel but don’t go overboard on this one if you’ve got angular features – it won’t suit you if you’ve got a straight body-line or angular face.


Dresses – these will reign over jeans and work so well with the feminine trend of the pastels and floaty fabrics and if you’ve already got one in a floral print you’re well on your way.






French Connection


Polka dots, especially black and white – a great trend if you’ve got curvy features, for example, in your face shape and bodily contours. It can be a very striking and dynamic look.


Selection from Zara and Asos






Square necklines – if you’ve got an angular face and an hourglass figure or have a generous bust this is your neckline! (Not so good for pear-shaped or straight bodies).


Single shoulder/asymmetric necklines – the perfect way to draw the eye to distract from other bodily features so think about this style if you’ve got good shoulders and possibly an apple body shape.


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