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What’s your Personal Style?

What’s your personal style and how do you find it?






Would you say you were more of a classic dresser or a bit eclectic? A minimalist or a tad bohemian?

How do you understand your personality style and how will it help you be more successful when shopping?

Finding your style will make you feel more authentic, comfortable and happy because it will, well just suit you! It’ll also help you zone in on what to look for when shopping, particularly if you do most of your shopping on-line. And when you do go to the shops you should find it easier to scan clothing racks, filtering through rails and becoming more effective at finding garments that are ‘you’.

Below are 4 main clothing personality types. If you google ‘clothing personality types’ you’ll find others and quizzes you can use to help you decide which reflects you best. You may also discover that you could be a mixture of more than one but one will be predominate. Remember these can only ever be guides. Your style is all about you, and you are unique!

Classic dresser – well curated wardrobe with timeless, practical tailored pieces.

Dramatic – your wardrobe is more diverse, including statement pieces that are more distinctive. You’ll probably like strong colours and bold prints.

Natural – this indicates a preference for a more casual, comfortable style. Your wardrobe will contain mainly functional clothes and you’ll probably migrate to natural fibres with some stretch and texture.

Romantic – you like florals, soft feminine styles and floaty fabrics. You’ll be drawn to detail and low to medium contrast colours.







Examples of the above from French Connection






However, if you’re not sure which type you are, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1.  Which celebrities do you most resonate with?
  2.  Whose wardrobe would you like to raid?
  3.  What are the cities that best represent your style?
  4.  How do you want to feel when you leave the house in the morning?
  5.  How do you want to be seen when you run into your ex or business competitor?
  6.  What do you want to be doing on a Tuesday afternoon, 2 years from now and what are you wearing?
  7.  If you could shop anywhere, which 3 stores would you choose?
  8.  What 3 words best describe your personality?

Now go and look in your wardrobe and see how closely it matches to your answers? If you’re struggling, give me a call.

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