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From the feet up!

From the feet up!     –   making sure your footwear compliments your outfit.








I was thinking of buying a new pair of trousers the other day…so why am I telling you this? Because they were what I’d consider to be ‘fashionable’. It’s all well and good purchasing a trending item – a great way to boost your wardrobe and give it an injection of something new, but it got me thinking and I need to pass on these words of wisdom…


  •   Loved the trousers – check


  •   I could think of enough occasions for when I would wear them – check


But then it came to – what am I going to wear them with? Because they were a bit unusual, would they work with my normal footwear, what coat/jacket could I wear to carry off the look?


It’s all well and good being excited about a new purchase and something a little different. Getting out of my jeans feels good but if I haven’t got enough things already in my wardrobe to create 3 different outfit options they are not going to get worn sufficiently. Therefore, the reality of ‘cost per wear’ (the more you wear a garment the better value it becomes) is telling my head to put them back on the rail (which I did).


So, the moral of this story is to think from the bottom up!


Selection of footwear from Jigsaw


If you are thinking of making a purchase, whether it’s trousers, skirt or a dress, start by considering your footwear – what shoes can you wear with it?





If the garment only goes with one pair of shoes that aren’t very comfortable, is this really going to work? And if it means you need to buy a new pair of shoes, that’s fine if you already had them on your ‘shopping list’ but if not, again the ‘cost per wear’ equation just isn’t going to work.


Don’t forget to check the whole outfit in a full-length mirror before you cut the tags off. Then, if it’s putting a smile on your face – cut them off and get out there to strut your stuff!


If I can help in any way don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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