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Santa’s Little Helper…What to wear over the festive season.

Happy Christmas!

Well, I know we’ve got a few weeks to go but if you’re anything like me it’s about now that you’ll be starting to stress – you haven’t got as much done as you’d planned. You still need to decide what to buy for some of your friends and family (always the hardest part) let alone finding time to go out and buy the presents. So here’s just my small contribution to help reduce the anxiety levels – What to wear over the Christmas party season!





Firstly, let’s think about Christmas Day. What you decide to wear will depend on what you’re doing – if you’re going out you’ll have a very different agenda compared to being the host when you maybe stuck in a hot kitchen for hours. If you’re responsible for sorting the Christmas lunch, I recommend going for pattern as it won’t show up any spillages or splashes in the same way a plain fabric would (ever the practical girl). Make sure you’re comfortable, so for me that means no outfit that requires heels. I’ll probably be opting for some smart jeans and a posh top (or maybe wearing a comfy frock that Santa might be sending my way). If sparkle or glitter is your things, go with a top that incorporates this. There are lots around at the moment and these are a few examples –






Selection from Mango & Oasis



Alternatively, if you really want to dress for the occasion (and haven’t got kitchen responsibilities), what about a LVD – Little Velvet Dress? Dresses are smart but an easy option because you haven’t got to think about too many elements to your outfit.










Selection from Hobbs, Whistles & Phase 8



Whichever your scenario, one important thing I want to remind you about is that if you’ve got something in your wardrobe that you know works – something that you feel good in and works well for your body shape and colouring, why not stick with that? If you wore it last year does it really matter? I’d say no, much better to be remembered for looking good again instead of changing it for something else that’s not so good and makes you feel mediocre. If it works for you it’s just reinforcing a positive message – that you are still looking great! If you want to tweak it a bit why not change your jewellery or footwear? Or nail polish colour if that’s your thing? And don’t forget the power of a good haircut!


The 3 key elements of any outfit for you to consider are:

 Colour – what colour were you wearing when you last received a compliment?

 Texture – if you’ve got a curvy body shape, think about softer fabrics, nothing too stiff.

 Fit – good fit is essential for any garment to work well, don’t ever comprise!

Or maybe you’re a ‘Christmas jumper’ kind of family? Most wardrobes I’m invited to review have one of these – easy, Christmas done! I think that’s probably why they became so popular… 🙂


As always, if I can be of any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch 07969516390



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