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Wardrobe Wellness

Wardrobe Wellness – How positive do you feel when you go through your wardrobe each day trying to find something to wear? Is it time to give your wardrobe a health check??












I recently read an article asking – Does your wardrobe need therapy? Whilst it might sound rather odd referring to your clothes in this way, we do have lots of psychological issues around our clothes, our wardrobes are very personal spaces. For example, we get emotionally attached to some garments, preventing us from being able to part with them, even when they’ve long passed their sell-by-date. What about that pang of guilt you get because you shouldn’t have really bought it in the first place and it’s hardly been worn. Or we may keep things because we are being unrealistic and believe that one day we’ll be that slim again! Get real and get rid of those ‘skeletons’ in the closet – all those garments that don’t give you a positive vibe.

When you open your wardrobe doors everything in there should be wearable and give you a positive feeling, if not, you need to have a re-jig. Cleansing your wardrobe can be very therapeutic and cathartic but how do you start to achieve a positive transformation?

Clothes take on an association and are a big part of our identities; they remind us of a certain time and place, or even a person who gave them to us. And you want to have positive attachments to the clothes you see everyday when you open the wardrobe doors.

So how to boost your wardrobe wellness – 

  1. Your wardrobe should only contain things you wear now. Anything that represents the past or future (i.e. one day I’ll fit into it) should be stored somewhere else.


  1. Ask yourself why it’s still in your wardrobe if you haven’t worn it recently? Family heirlooms or old prom dresses might be things that you want to hold onto but store them somewhere else, in a vacuumed sealed bag.


  1. Ask yourself which pieces bring you the most optimism? These shouldn’t be things you save for best but the items you wear most regularly.


  1. If you know that you should really part with something but can’t bring yourself to do it, first remove it from your wardrobe and put in a bin bag. Store this for a few weeks out of sight and if you haven’t missed anything, then send it off to the charity shop for someone else to use.


  1. Make your wardrobe review a regular thing, not something once in a blue moon. That way you don’t forget about what you’ve got and it will also help you identify if there is anything missing for your lifestyle needs. And it will make daily outfit selection so much easier!


  1. Finally, when you’ve done your wardrobe work through your drawers in the same way and detox your makeup bag for a real spring clean.


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