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The Power of Accessories.


How do you accessorise an outfit?





You wouldn’t see me dead without accessories – I love them and don’t leave the house with some sort of jewellery but when I talk about accessories I’m referring to more than just jewellery or the odd scarf. To me accessories are all the extras beyond your immediate garment of say a top and bottom. They include your footwear, hosiery, handbag, jewellery and watch, glasses, nails, hair, belts …the list goes on. So you see it’s important to think about this aspect of your personal style – what do your accessories say about you?

Well, there are several key things to bear in mind:

1. Scale – keep it in proportion. 

If you are 5’2” and size 10, you want to keep your details (such as jewellery and pattern size) petite and in proportion to your scale so that you don’t look swamped by it. Think kitten heels as opposed to chunky wedges. On the other hand, if you have height in your favour and are size 16 go for something bolder, you can make more of a statement and make it work effectively.

2. Know your best features and show them off! 

So, if for example, you’ve got elegant hands, then paint your nails or wear interesting rings, whatever’s your bag. If you’ve got a great pair of legs you can show them off by wearing any design shoe but if, on the other hand, you weren’t blessed with honed ankles avoid ankle straps and coloured shoes.

3. Think about your shape and marry the details. 

For example, I’ve got a straight bodyline and angular facial features which means I suit angular details, such as checks and stripes and with my jewellery I tend to look for angular designs. If on the other hand, you’ve got more feminine curves, go for softer curvier details, embrace spots, paisley and swirls.

Accessories have also got to suit your personality; they are a way of making your outfit unique to you. By adding ‘accessories’ and not just throwing on your jeans and a T-shirt you will look more polishes, more complete, more stylishly distinctive.

And remember when someone is chatting with you it’s your face they focus on so start here – think about what hairstyle and glasses will suit your face shape. Might you need a little subtle makeup to enhance your features? As we get older our skin tone fades and our hair changes colour – all of which makes us need to review this every so often, a good haircut can take years off you!

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