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Know and love they body.

Know and love they body.

‘You’ve got to accentuate the positive and illuminate the negative…’


We all need to get to know our bodies better and love them more. The problem is we are too tough on ourselves. When we look in that full length mirror (I hope you’ve all got one that you can see yourself head to toe) we tend to focus on the negative bits, the bits of our body we least like and forget about our best assets. To dress your body effectively you have to embrace both in equal measure.

Make sure you know your best feature, it may not be the obvious boobs or bum but you might have honed ankles, slender arms, elegant hands, a great décolletage, fab hair. What ever it is, you want to make sure that your eye is drawn to this aspect of your body first. You do this by putting the detail there and showing it off. So, for example, if you’ve got slender arms show them off by wearing fitted sleeved ¾ length tops, wear interesting bangles or bracelets, paint your nails. If it’s your ankles then embrace cropped trousers, get my drift? The eye will always be attracted to interesting details and colour contrasts.

One of the other most important pieces of advice is to keep everything in proportion. For instance, if your shoulders are broader than your hips, you need to build out your hips to make them look equal and symmetrical.

Tonal dressing can be a great way to subtly disguise a lack of waist definition and make you appear taller. Smooth unbroken lines will always help to achieve this effect, so no harsh contrasts like a white shirt with black trousers.

I also want to mention sizing – albeit this is a difficult area because there is little standardization, you can even get variation in the same store. Long gone are the days when you could go into a shop knowing that you are a size 12 and everything in that size would fit. But don’t be put off by the size tag. If it fits you great and makes you want to do a little jig when you’ve got it on, then go for it whatever the size label says.

Some specific tips:

  • A deep V-neck and cinched in shape will draw attention to and flatter your waist if you have one. A V-neck will also elongate your neck and chest so can give the illusion of you being taller. It’s also essential if you’ve got a generous bust.


  • If on the other hand, you’ve got a body that goes straight up and down, then add some shape, create curves, look at fuller skirts, shoulder pads, ruffle details and belts.


  • Be wary of fabrics that are too flimsy and stretchy. Something a bit studier can offer better contouring.


  • Make sure tops finish at your widest point to maximize the effect of your slimmer bits.


  • If you like prints be careful if you’re petite, they can easily overpower a small frame, go for more ditsy florals.


  • And don’t forget, good underwear is crucial!

So by following these simple guidelines you will make sure that you accentuate the positive, illuminate the negative and don’t mess with mister in between!

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