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What personality type is your wardrobe?

What personality type is your wardrobe?










Now at this time when things aren’t normal by any means and you’re spending more time at home, it’s the perfect time to give some thought to your wardrobe.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my wardrobe, (is that a titter I hear from those of you that know me well?). On one level being a perfectionist is great, it means I am good at my job, which involves attention to detail, but I can also get frustrated when things don’t quite go according to plan. Now, I’m guessing I’m not alone; there are lots of you out there with similar personality traits.
However, this got me thinking– what does your wardrobe say about your personality?

Is it tidy and well organized or a bit of a jumble with no particular co-ordination? The later can make it quite a challenge when you’re trying to find something to wear; especially if you’ve in a rush or have got to a point where you’re a bit bored with your clothes and feel that you haven’t got much to wear despite having a wardrobe full of clothes!

So, time for a bit of a wardrobe edit – the more you have the harder your choices, so prune it down – less is more! Also, I don’t know if you are finding during lockdown that you might not need as many clothes? I know we aren’t going out in the same way as normal but nevertheless it has made me realise I don’t need to own as many clothes as I do.

Do you hold onto things because you think you might need them in the future? Be realistic, if this is unlikely, you’re safe to let it go. I often see lots of evening wear in wardrobes and clients tell me that these are rarely worn – so yes, you want a great outfit for that special evening out but the ones you know look dated or that you’ll never fit into again shouldn’t be clogging up valuable wardrobe space. Also, it’s a bit like those holiday garments that you only wear once a year on holiday – pack them away in a box or vacuum sealed bag.

What should you be asking yourself when trying to make these decisions:

  • Do I feel great in this?
  • I might love it but do I love it on me? Or is it the memory of the last time I wore it that I love?
  • Am I keeping it ‘just in case’? What do you exactly mean by ‘just in case’?

Some people advocate using a ‘one in one out’ policy – when you buy something new get rid of what you’re replacing or the garment that’s lurked in your wardrobe for months reminding you that you made a mistake. It might sound a bit drastic but it does make you think before mindlessly adding to your wardrobe without giving it sufficient thought. This will also keep your wardrobe in check and stop you buying needlessly, therefore being more sustainable in your wardrobe habits.

So now you’ve got a bit more space you can probably see things for what they really are – if it’s seen better days – that white shirt that’s yellowing round the collar and armpits or the jumper that’s bobbled round your boobs, let it go!

The clothes that you most want to wear should be close to hand so that means all in the same wardrobe space, facing the same way and on non slip hangers.

Decluttering and organization can have a very positive effect and filter into other area of your life without you even noticing. Whilst you don’t have to go to the lengths of Marie Kondo, I’d recommend spending a few hours a couple of times a year, generally around season change, reviewing your wardrobe.
Don’t hang onto the past – the concept of mindfulness, living in the present, has many benefits, make your wardrobe one of them!

Those items you’ve decided to part with can then be taken to the charity shop and recycled, adding your contribution to sustainability and allowing someone else to fall in love with something you’ve fallen out of love with.

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