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Confused about colour combinations?

What are good colour combinations to opt for?











Here’s an easy guide –


With clothing shops now beginning to open you maybe temped to go out for a little bit of retail therapy but hold on, why not help save the planet and start by seeing what you’ve already got in your clothes locker.

Whilst it easy to avoid the problem of colour combinations by wearing black – it’s a safe bet, it will never go out of style – but it’s not necessarily the best colour for a lot of us, so why not opt for something a bit more cheerful?

So start with a rummage through your wardrobe, I bet you can find some alternatives. Depending on your personality and style preferences you could try for creating a tonal outfit or even a bit of colour clashing. It’s just a matter of wearing your existing clothes in new ways. Here’s some useful pointers to get you going:


  1. Pair brights with earthy neutrals – biscuit tones of trousers or jackets with a bright silk shirt.


  1. Clash a little – be brave and pick contrasting shades. The trick is to combine hues that are neighbours on the colour wheel: pink and red, yellow and orange, blue and green, fuchsia and scarlet. If you’re not brave enough to do it in your outfit, think about clashing your accessories.


  1. Be cool – opt for colours of the sky and you can’t go wrong – blues, pinks and purples. Most of us already have quite a bit of blue in our wardrobes.


  1. Texture – one easy way to play around with colour is to match the same shades with different textures: mix wool and cotton with velvet, silk with suede.


  1. Play with proportions – the cut and fit of your clothes is key to whether the outfit works. As a general rule, if one part of the outfit is looser or oversized, then pair it with something tailored or fitted to achieve balance. This guideline is particularly useful when opting for block colours.


  1. Pick your favourite colour, one that you know looks most flattering on you (if you don’t know the answer to this, then fear not, give me a call about Colour Analysis) and introduce different shades of the same colour ranging from pale to bright.


So off you go and have a play around with what’s in your wardrobe!
If you find you need some help, then as always don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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