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Shopping in your wardrobe.

Shopping in your wardrobe













How to save money and be more sustainable –

I’m back! Having spent the last 6 months on a Covid free Greek Island I have
returned to reality – the cold wet climate of England in autumn and the
ghastly impact of Covid-19. So, whilst on one level it’s nice to be home and
to see friends and family, I am missing the warm weather and starting each
day swimming in the clear blue waters off Kythera’s beaches.

I am eager to get back to work and see some of my lovely clients and meet
new people in need of some help particularly at these more challenging times
when shopping is so limited.

One thing I think we can all do more of is to shop from our existing
wardrobes. This is the perfect time of year to do it when the weather is
changing and it’s time to pack all your summer clothes away. When I dip into
other people’s wardrobes I can always fine new outfit selections. This is
because I’m looking with fresh eyes and a different perspective.

– How many times do you just grab the same old thing to wear,
something that’s familiar and safe?

– When’s the last time you really had a good sort out of your

– When’s the last time you found a new outfit combination from your

When I help clients reorganise their wardrobes we go through each garment
and consider its fit and shape, colour, versatility and how it works with
your overall proportions. We then work out what other pieces will work with
it and how to outfit it, including how it should be accessorised. Footwear
for example, can often make or break an outfit.

So, you end up with an organised wardrobe that you can easily work from and
select outfits in a colour co-ordinated way. This will certainly save you
time and effort when getting dressed in the morning. But more importantly,
it saves you money and is a much, much more sustainable way to dress
yourself. Remember we only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time and it’s estimated that the value of unused clothes in our UK wardrobes is a staggering £30 billion!

I’m currently offering free 30 minute zoom calls for anyone interested in
any of my services so we can chat about your needs and how I can help, my
approach and what you can expect from my service. So, don’t hesitate to get
in touch, even if you just want a quick catch up, it would be great to hear
from you!

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