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We can certainly feel so much better about ourselves if we are happy about our sense of personal style, but identifying our own style is not always easy and it can shift over time. Sometimes you just need a helping hand from a friend that can help look at your wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes. Indeed, this can be a great place to start – before you head to the shops you should always have a rummage through what you’ve already got to remind yourself of the possibilities your wardrobe offers. This is a much more sustainable approach so you can feel good about saving money, saving the environment as well as developing your new look.

So here are my top 4 tips for dressing in 2021:

  1. So, first have a sort out of your wardrobe and try on some stuff. Ask yourself:

Do I feel good when I wear it?
Do I look good when I wear it?
Do I love it?
Am I comfortable in it?
If you try something on and it puts a smile on your face it’s a winner. If it doesn’t go with your gut instinct, it’s probably seen better days and time to say goodbye. Remember to check yourself in a full-length mirror to make sure the proportions work.

  1. Think colour – what colour were you wearing last time you got a complement? What is your favourite colour? Odds are it will suit you (yellow probably being the exception). Colour lifts our mood and those around us so ditch the black for a pop of colour. By all means give me a shout if you’re struggling to know which colours suit you best, we can always set up a zoom call.

Remember, you’ll always notice the lightest colour first so make sure this is placed at the smallest part of your body, of course this will depend on your body shape.

  1. Now having had a sort out of your wardrobe you are in a better place to go

shopping because you would have worked out what gaps you’ve got and what you really need – make a shopping list, just like if you were going food shopping, this will help you keep focused and be a more sustainable shopper.

  1. When you go shopping, shop for colour first then look at design. This will make it quicker, easier and help you to avoid overwhelm of options. If the colour round your face is not right, it’s not going to work regardless of the style.

Ask yourself these questions:
What will it go with that I’ve already got in my wardrobe?
How will I accessorise it?
Will I still love it next year?


If you need any help with your colour and style, don’t hesitate to give me a no obligation call and we can have a chat.

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