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How to shop effectively online –

I don’t think shopping online has ever been easy but now we don’t have any choice, so let’s look at how to make it simpler.

There are of course some advantages from shopping online like trying everything on in the comfort of your own home. But before you venture into the realms of buying something new check your wardrobe out first, consider what you’ve already got. Do you really need something new or can you create something different without increasing your carbon footprint? If you do go online perhaps consider sustainable retailers like Baukjen, SeaSalt, People Tree, Patagonia, Bamboo clothing and Organic Basics.

So if your hand is still hovering over your mouse, these are my top 7 tips –

  1. Firstly, my advice as always is to have a bit of a short through of your wardrobe so that you are clear what you are looking for. Have a specific garment in mind. It’s so much easier to focus on one garment at a time. It will also stop you getting distracted and end up buying things you didn’t really need.


  1. Use the filters – colour, size, price – they are there to make life easier and save you having to trawl through loads of unsuitable stock.


  1. Study the information available – what size is the model wearing? What is the fabric content? What are the washing instructions? If something is dry clean only it can potentially become a very expensive purchase over time. Study the images – what does it look like on the model and from the back? How is it fitting? Remember, more often than not, the model will be taller than you and probably have longer arms…it feels like models still have a way to go to be representative to our body shapes!


  1. Sizing issues – the variability of retailers sizing is the main reason why people return items. Read the reviews to see what they say about fit. Some sites are better than others for giving you this information so if you need more you could always phone up customer services for more details. It can be a good idea to order a few sizes. This often works out cheaper and easier than having to exchange for the next size and in some cases having to pay postage again.


  1. First time discounts – when you go onto a website you are often asked if you want to go on their mailing list to be kept up to date with the latest news and offers. Usually this comes with the offer of a discount on your first order so it can be well worth registering before you place the order.


  1. Check the returns policy – how easy is it to return? Sometimes the label is provided in the package, other times you have to print off labels. How long do you have to return the item? I have found that many of my clients simply forget to do this, or don’t get round to it in time. So, my advice to you would be to deal with any returns as soon as you’ve rejected an item. If you miss the returns date it can become a very expensive and unproductive experience.


  1. When you try on your selection, make sure you’ve got good lighting and even put a bit of makeup on so you get to see what it’s going to really look like on you when you are ready to go out. And don’t forget to think about how you would accessories it. What shoes will work with the outfit? You’ll have the luxury of having your entire shoe collection to hand so you can check out how an outfit is really going to work. What jewellery is required? What coat or jacket will work best? Don’t just try your new purchase on as a single garment but as a whole outfit. Try to create multiple ways of wearing it, then it truly creates versatility in your wardrobe.

If you follow these simple guidelines shopping online will become much easier and more productive but as always, if you need some help with your online shopping or any aspect of your wardrobe and personal style, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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