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Online wardrobe edit

Save money, save the environment and refresh your style – and you (probably)
don’t even need to leave your front door. How to go about an online wardrobe edit.

The received wisdom is ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’
but on this occasion, you really can have it all. Having recently undertaken
some online wardrobe reviews I thought it might be useful to share this
experience with you to get an idea about how they work and why this approach
to refreshing your style is a no brainer.

The process works most effectively with an external input, someone who can
enable you to look at your wardrobe with new eyes. The goals are to fall
back in love with your clothes, rediscover items you forgot you had and find
new outfit combinations. So, here’s how I work with my clients to achieve
this –

Firstly, I’d get you to do some wardrobe preparation. Have a sort out and
make sure every garment is on it’s own hanger and that they are all facing
the same way.
Sort by garment type, so for example you have all your tops together,
bottoms, dresses, jackets etc.

I would want you to create 4 piles of clothes –

1. What you love and wear a lot.
2. What you like but don’t wear. This may be because you haven’t got
anything to go with it or you don’t know how to style it.
3. Clothes you wear but don’t feel so good in. Or garments that you’re just
not sure about.
4. Things that have seen better days and need to be disposed of. (We don’t
need to look at this pile).

Also think about your accessories – jewellery, scarves, footwear etc and
have these to hand. You’ll also need to be working in good natural light and
have a full-length mirror accessible. If you can borrow a rail from someone
or improvise in some way that would be great because we can use this to
better see the outfits we are developing.

On the day we will go through your wardrobe looking at garments to select
checking suitability for colour and body shape. We will consider how you
could wear an item and what you would style it with so that we are creating
different outfit options and not just considering it as an individual item
of clothing.

I’ll get you to take pictures of the outfits too so that you can remember
what works well together. This will involve seeing how some items fit so be
prepared for a trying on session.

Re-using to re-style your wardrobe, this way saves money and is kinder to the
environment but if you do need one or two items to create more versatility,
I can recommend some good eco-friendly retailers and brands.

This is what one client said about her experience –

“Working with Lesley opened my eyes to the possibilities that existed right
in there in my wardrobe and drawers, I was ready to take the lot to a
charity shop and start again. As we worked through items of clothing, Lesley
suggested how different items might go together and which accessories
worked. She educated me on shapes and colours that suit me. While I did end
up with a pile for the charity shop it was tiny compared to what it would
have been had I not reviewed my wardrobe with Lesley.”

How does that sound to you? I can assure you that I can make what might seem
like a daunting challenge a fun and productive experience.

If you are fed up with your lockdown wardrobe and in need of inspiration to
reignite your passion then give me a call. It isn’t too good to be true.





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