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How to dress your partner.

How to dress your partner.

What’s your fella looking like these days?

Have things slipped a bit in lockdown? In need of a spruce up and update of
his wardrobe? At least he can get a decent haircut but perhaps now is the
time to think about a little shopping.

If he is like my husband, he probably dislikes the idea of clothes shopping
and avoids it as much as possible. However, when he does venture out (or if
you do the shopping for him) I thought I’d share a few tips with you about
how he can appear taller, look slimmer and yes, look more youthful too by
buying the right clothes.

Fit is key to looking your best and can make a big difference to your
personal style.

1. So firstly, how to appear taller? Start by matching the colour of their
socks to their footwear and trouser hemline. Any contrast in colour will break up the
line of the body and your eye will be drawn to the contrast so this will give the appearance of being shorter. You want to create fluid horizontal lines.

Also, think about the length of their trousers. Have the trouser hemline
skimming the top of their shoe rather than smothering it. With the trouser
resting on the top of their shoe (but no longer), the longer and leaner their
legs will look. The less fabric there is dropping on to the shoe, the fewer
unsightly folds and creases will develop farther up. With casual chinos you
can just get away with rolling up the hems and wearing then with a
favourite loafer or deck shoe.






Rishi Sunak with spot on trouser length to make him appear taller.



Another easy trick to make their entire body appear taller is to wear a shirt
or sweater in a similar shade to their trousers. This creates one long
silhouette which will always be more flattering than a body visually divided
into two halves. This is easy to create with a suit but to achieve the same
effect with a more casual look think about teaming their denim jeans (not baggy as they are much less forgiving) with a chambray shirt or one of a similar hue to the

2. Secondly, how to look slimmer? Opt for slim lapels on their jacket, this
will make their shoulders look broader. (Wide lapels have the opposite effect
and will narrow them). One of the best investments they can make is a
well-cut jacket. It will straighten their shoulders, puff out their chest,
whilst slimming their waist. But don’t go for double breasted unless they’re
truly slim, single breasted will be much more flattering.

3. And finally, how to look youthful? Colour is important here and knowing
what colours suit them best will also definitely make shopping easier. If
they’re wearing the right colour by their face it will lift their complexion,
making them appear younger and more alive. Did you know that blue shirts can
be a lot more flattering on most people than white ones? And think about
steering clear of black which can be very harsh on a lot of complexions,
navy is a much safer bet on more mature skin.

Trying clothes a little more on trend can also help here. For example, think
about garment combinations such as teaming a pair of sneakers with tailored
trousers. Perhaps wearing a shawl-collared cardigan over a formal shirt
rather than a jacket. However, we all know getting this approach just right
can be tricky, especially as we get older, so if your fella is stuck in a
bit of a rut and needs some quick painless help then give me a call. I can
make shopping efficient, hassle free and productive.

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