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Are you in the right bra?

Top tips for finding the right bra for you:

How do you know if you are wearing the right bra? Well for starters it should be comfortable. Surprisingly, many women, especially full-busted women, associate wearing a bra with discomfort, even pain in some situations. If you fall in this category the chances are you’re in the wrong size and you can’t expect your clothes to fit properly if you’re in the wrong size bra.

Did you know that new research suggests a staggering 90% of British women are wearing the wrong size bra: and I’d pretty much agree! And don’t forget that over the years our bust changes shape, size and bounce! Straps that slide, underwires that dig in, and anything else causing you discomfort are indications that it may be time for a professional bra fitting. In fact, be honest, when’s the last time you had one of those? I’d recommend a professional bra fitting every time you buy a new bra, particularly if you’ve lost or gained some weight, recently gone through childbirth or the menopause.

In theory, to roughly ascertain the right bra size, you need to measure around your torso, underneath your breasts (whilst wearing a bra!). This will give you your back measurement. Then measure around the fullest part of your breast. The difference between the two measurements will indicate the correct cup size (1” difference = 1 cup size). Therefore, if you measured 34” around your back and 38” around your breast your bra size would be 34D.

If your bra doesn’t meet the following guidelines then you haven’t got the right fit.

  1. The centre front of your bra (the gore) should lie flat against your breastbone.
  2. The underwire (if your bra has it) should sit behind your breast tissue and not on top of it, ensuring full support.
  3. There should be no spillage over your cups whatsoever.
  4. The bra’s band should lie across your chest and back, it shouldn’t ride up. This band should provide approximately 80% of the support.
  5. When you buy a bra it should initially fit on the first row of hooks as the bra will stretch with wear and washing. You should be able to slide just 2 fingers underneath the under band.
  6. The shoulder straps shouldn’t dig in or fall off your shoulders. You can adjust the length of the strap to ensure the most comfortable length and again you should be able to slide 2 fingers underneath the strap. Check the length of the straps regularly as they tend to slip in the wash.


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Once you’ve crossed the fit hurdle, bra shopping won’t feel nearly as cumbersome and challenging. It should be an uplifting experience!

And don’t forget if you need any help or advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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