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The Illusion of Length.

The Illusion of Length. 

How to make your legs look longer.


Well ladies, you’ve heard me say before that there’s no such thing as the
perfect body. Even the most willowy of models will complain about something
being out of proportion and if you’re really tall then that also has the
challenge of finding something to fit. But let’s face it, most of us would
like to have a few extra inches to elevate our look. So today I’m sharing
with you some tips to help make your legs appear longer. As dressing can be
like an optical illusion, you can fool the eye into seeing things

Here are my 6 tips:

1. There of course is no getting away from the fact that a pair of
heels will work but I do understand this may not be the answer for all of
you. If heels aren’t for you, go with something like a flatform or small
block heel which will give you some elevation. Anything will be better than
a flat ballet pump.

2. Secondly, anything that disguises where your body finishes and your
legs start will be good. So, to help achieve this think about keeping the
colour of your footwear, hosiery and hemline the same colour.

3. Think about the length of your cardigan or jacket. You don’t want it
too long because you want to maximise the length of your legs and if it’s
too long it will have the opposite effect.

4. Anything that raises your natural waistline will elongate your legs
so look out for empire line dresses which can work well to achieve this.

5. Dark colours will always slim and elongate so keep them on your
bottom half. Vertical stripes work well which is one of the reasons this
style of trouser became so popular a few years ago. Pinstripes and trousers
with a crease down the centre seam will have the same effect.

6. Avoid anything that cuts your leg off. For example, cropped
trousers, particularly if they are wide legged. Similarly, midi length
skirts and ankle straps on your shoes will create a horizontal line which
has the effect of making something appear wider, not longer.

So, when dressing and choosing an outfit to elongate your appearance, think
about yourself as an ‘illusionist’ and these guidelines will help you to
achieve a sleek lean silhouette.

And don’t forget if you need any help or advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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