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Would you like to be a dress size smaller? If so, read on…

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Aside from the health benefits of attaining the right weight for ourselves,
whether we like it or not there is still a lot of pressure from the fashion
industry to look thinner too. The arguments are well rehearsed but suffice
to say there are good reasons for pursuing that slimmer look. Perhaps as an
incentive to continue your efforts to achieve a healthy weight? Or simply
that as we get older many of us will naturally gain weight and dressing to
look slimmer does not suggest an unhealthy focus on perfection.
After all, looking slimmer can be as simple as changing what you wear.
Choosing the right colour and style to suit your body shape can make all the

1. First of all think about your underwear – you wouldn’t build a house
without first putting in the foundations and our bodies are no different.
You can’t expect your clothes to sit right if you haven’t got the right

So, ladies what about your bras, are you in the right size? A well-fitting,
smooth bra is essential to creating a slim line look. Trying to squeeze
yourself into something too small is just not flattering or slimming. If
your bra isn’t fitting right, your boobs won’t be sitting in the right place
and it’s amazing what a difference it can make to your waistline if you’re
in the right bra. It may even be as simple as tightening the straps!

My advice to you would be to make sure you get a professional bra fitting
every time you need a new bra because also you’ve boobs won’t always stay
the same size, particularly for example around menopause.

Spanx type underwear can be great for smoothing out the lumps and bumps and
targeting problem areas but they are not always comfortable. Hold-in
petticoats can be a good alternative for when you are wearing dresses. And
check your knickers to make sure that you’ve haven’t got a VPL!

2. Secondly, think about colour – look at your colour combinations. Wearing
one colour or the same depth of colour from head to toe will have an
elongating effect, as the observer’s eye will not be drawn to where the
colour changes on your body. So, if for example, you’re not happy with your
waist or stomach area, avoid contrasting belts or big buckles because these
will draw attention and the eye will pick up on these first, accentuating an
area you are more self-conscious of.

What you want to do is make sure your top doesn’t finish at your widest
point. For example, if you are pear shaped you don’t want your top finishing
at the widest point on your thighs, you want to go shorter or longer so that
you notice your slim waist or the slimmer part of your legs.

Be aware that you’ll always notice the lightest colour first, so this should
always be on the smallest part of your body. Bright colours and/or bold
prints should also be avoided in your wider areas because they will draw
attention to this part of your body. Therefore, wear dark colours where you
are widest. But don’t feel you need to revert to black every time because
it’s not the only slimming colour. Any dark colour can be slimming and some
of you might find that black is a bit severe on you, so look at alternatives
such as charcoal grey, navy, brown or burgundy.

3. Finally, fit is everything – make sure the clothes that you are wearing are
the right size. If they are too big and loose, they can make you look bigger
than you are because of the excess fabric. Similarly, you should avoid
clothes that are too tight, because squeezing into something will never be
flattering – think ‘skim not cling.’

So, if you have the right motivations for looking slimmer, remember to think
about your underwear, the colour you choose and how to mix it into your
outfit and get the right fit.

As always, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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