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The Perfect Jeans – What should you be looking for?

How to find the perfect jeans?

I want to talk to you today about jeans, that staple we all have in our
wardrobes. How many pairs do you own and how many actually get worn?

Given that it takes 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for just
one pair of jeans it makes it doubly important that when we do invest, we
get it right. Or it may not be a new pair of jeans you need but just that
your old favourites need a new lease of life. Have you ever thought of
re-dying them? I’ve done this with my husband’s jeans with great success.
The first time I was a bit reticent but I need not have worried, it’s so
easy to do these days and with good results.

But if it is a new pair of jeans you need, does shopping for this feel like
a nightmare looming? Do you find you end up trying on so many pairs before
you find the right ones, going into the changing rooms only to discover the
size you thought they were are nowhere near accurate? Do you leave
frustrated and empty handed?

Well, here’s some guidelines to help you on your way navigating through the
sea of denim options:

Composition – it’s all about how they wash, wear and feel.
Having just a little elastane can give a bit more comfort and just that
little bit of give. Look for around 2%, or just a little bit more.

If you go for a polyester, cotton and elastane mix they will feel softer but
will be a bit too much like leggings and less hardwearing.

The knees can often be the stress point on jeans and the less elastane the
better to stop them wrinkling at this point.



Salsa – secret push in jeans with 4% elastane    








Not Your Daughters jeans made with less water and lift tuck technology 3% elastane








Also, did you know that tumble drying breaks down the elastane and thus
their life span? And to extend their lifespan further don’t leave your jeans all crumpled up and then use a hot iron, make sure you ease them back into shape when they come out of the washing machine.

Price – the thread count will be higher on more expensive jeans, so you tend to get what you pay for – it’s just like when you’re buying bedding, the higher the thread count the better the quality!

Pockets – as a general rule of thumb – pockets should be placed on the
widest part of the bum. For those with slightly wider bottoms pockets are
best if they are slightly closer together because it will draw your eye
inwards. And slightly higher pockets can have a lifting effect.

How will jeans impact on your body shape

If you have an apple shaped body the rise will be really important, anything
too low can create a muffin top effect and if they are too high it will
emphasis your tummy. You want to aim for about on your belly button. Ankle
jeans can look great because generally you’ll have good shapely legs. Boot
cut can be good for balancing your overall proportions but skinnies can also
be great to show off your legs.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got more of a pear shaped body – stick with a
dark wash. A contoured waistband will help, i.e. higher at the back than the
front. This will help with the gaping issue around the back. Boot cut will
work best as it will balance out your hips but if a skinnier style is your
preferred choice, wear with a chunky boot.

If you’ve got an hour glass body shape then boot cut or flares will be your
best friend and again stick to a dark wash.

If you’ve got a flat bottom be wary of looser or more relaxed fit jeans as
these can have the effect of dragging your bottom down. Ideally you want
some shading of the fabric over this area as it will create the illusion of
volume. If you ever find pockets with flaps on them these can be great.

If you need some help finding the perfect jeans then give me a call and I
can help you. I’d also love to know where you found your favourite jeans so
do share the denim love with me!




Levis Sustainable range 2% elastane








H&M Conscious range 2% elastane







Baujken organic cotton 1.1% elastane








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