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The Capsule suitcase.

The Capsule suitcase.



The art of effective holiday packing – 

Well, things are looking up and you might just be able to get away this year
for that much deserved holiday so I thought it would be good to remind you
of a few holiday packing basics because you probably haven’t done it for a




Packing is always a challenge. How many of us end up with too much in our
suitcase, coming home with stuff unworn? There’s that dilemma when packing
about what choices to make, how can you decide between two of your favourite
dresses and then there’s shoes…just that extra pair just in case, and so it
goes on.

I became better at packing after I met my husband, as he introduced the
‘guideline’ of only taking hand luggage for a two-week summer holiday (well
rule really, he hates hanging around in airports…). If it doesn’t fit in or
weighs too much, it can’t go! This forced me to think about what I really
needed. The only challenge is the maximum of 100ml of fluid, so you need to
decant some of your cosmetics into smaller containers and buy things like
sun block at the airport or when you arrive.

This rule obviously works much easier if you are off somewhere warm and
sunny but if you’re vacationing in the UK it becomes a bit more tricky with
the weather variation we’ve often come to expect. So, on these occasions
that extra jumper has to be accommodated. However, wherever you go, start
with the goal of minimising your packing. This helps you make the tough
choices about what to take.

The next thing you need to consider is having a colour theme. Choose your
neutrals, opt for two – it could be navy, black, white, grey, cream and then
think of a maximum of two other colours that you want to add to create
interest. By keeping colours limited it is a simple way to ensure pieces can
be easily mixed and matched for maximum wear – think capsule wardrobe.

Don’t pack in dribs and drabs, do it in one go. Get everything you are
thinking of taking out on your bed so that you can see it all. This way you
can check if you’ve got too many items and what each piece will go with. You
need to remember to pack outfits, not items. So, think through how
everything is going to be worn, down to your accessories which are a great
way to add variation to an outfit. This will prevent you forgetting
something essential.

When you’re ready to pack, if you are travelling with a partner or friend
spread your clothes out across your case and theirs so that if one of the
bags goes astray, you’ll both still end up with clothes to wear. Also,
always make sure you have your essentials – swimwear and a pair of shorts
for summer holidays – in your hand luggage so you can still have a swim
while they locate your bags!

Make sure you use up all those little space in your suitcase – that’s where
your undies should go! And use the space in your shoes too, it’s amazing
what you can fit into trainers. I always have a pair of Birkenstocks, I’ve
not only found them comfortable but extremely versatile, they go with a
surprising amount of outfit options.

Also, roll your clothes instead of folding. It minimizes creasing which is
especially good with vulnerable fabrics like linen.

Finally, pop in a bin liner – it’s great for that last minute swim before
catching your return flight so you can safely pack your wet costume and
damp towel.

Remember, your suitcase should be a ‘mini capsule wardrobe’! Keep it simple
with a colour theme!

Have a great holiday!
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