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Cost of Clothing Crisis – How to look stylish this Autumn at low expense.

What to wear this Autumn –

As the weather starts to shift and the nights draw in it makes us think about changing from our summer wardrobe into autumn. The perfect time to have a sort through your wardrobe and remind yourself what you’ve got – what worked well last year and how did you accessorise it to develop your personal style; what might have seen better days and need replacing, and have you got any gaps that need to be addressed?

What should your autumn staples be? Well, to some extent this depends on your lifestyle and style personality. You want to be able to refresh your wardrobe without any great expense, the key is to have a good capsule wardrobe that will see you through seasonal changes year after year with just minimal tweaks. It’s not going to be easy this year with the cost-of-living crisis so if you do invest in anything, think carefully before you buy – will it go with things already in your wardrobe, how are you going to accessorise it? Does it fit with your lifestyle? Does it suit your body shape and colouring?

So here are my suggestions that will create flexibility in any wardrobe and reduce the need for lots of expense:

•            Start to think about layering. Dig out those cami’s at the back of your draw, they will be your best friend, giving clothes longevity into the autumn months. It’s amazing how much warmer you can be if you’ve got a layer tucked in. The knitted vest tops that became popular last year are still very current this season and are perfect for this time of year when you need just a little extra. They can add a splash of colour and texture to your outfit or you can keep it tonal for a more streamline look. Layering can also be good to change the illusion of bodily proportions and make a long body appear more in balance.










From Arket and COS


•            My key autumn staple would be a jacket – a good quality jacket can be brought out of the wardrobe year after year. It’ll go with your jeans now that you’re back in them and work equally well over dresses and skirts. One thing to consider is length, if you’re petite you want to be looking for a shorter jacket and not a long line blazer and certainly not oversized. You don’t want to compromise the length of your legs. Look out for a fabric with texture, that way it will go with more things in your wardrobe, creating more mix and match opportunities. A jacket will elevate a simple T shirt with jeans and this look can be worn with a range of footwear to create alternative looks.










From &OtherStories and Mint Velvet








•            To get more wear out of your summer dresses use a cardigan or fine knit jumper that you can team with them to extend their longevity and weeks of wear. You may want to opt for wearing that cami I mentioned underneath for a little extra warmth or even cycling shorts can be a great practical layer under lighter fabrics.

•            You can’t go wrong with a statement blouse in a vibrant colour to give you some cheer. This can work with jeans, smart/tailored trousers and can be dressed up with accessories if you need to up your game and go from day to evening. Make sure it’s in your colour palette to give maximum versatility (you can obviously check with me if you don’t know what are your best colours to wear).










From &OtherStories and Mint velvet


•            Finally, it’s probably time to think about your footwear and go for something a bit more covered. But before you reach for your boots – you’ll have months in them anyway, think about something a bit lighter like a loafer – there are loads around at the moment, or a brogue if you can’t find a comfy pair that will stay on your feet. What about leather clogs? They can be a stylish and practical alternative. Whatever your footwear of choice they will not only see you through autumn but can be brought out again for the spring transition.










From &OtherStories


If you’ve got autumn colouring, now is the perfect time to go shopping – it’s your season and you’ll have lots of colour options in the shop. But remember, always check your wardrobe first and if you’re struggling to create the range of outfit options from what you’ve already got don’t hesitate to get in touch for some help.

Remember – you don’t need lots of clothes, just the right ones and then you can wear on repeat.

As always, if you need any help with any aspect of your colour or style, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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