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‘No Body’s’ Perfect

What’s going to work best for your figure? 









We are all unique and that is something we should celebrate and embrace. And as Jessie J tells us ‘Nobody’s Perfect’. Even the tallest willowy woman can have issues about her body shape. As long as we have a healthy body weight, we probably need to be kinder to ourselves, embrace what we have and make the most of it.

Having said that, it is still good to know what our body shape is because it
can help us achieve the right balance and proportions with our clothes and
make us feel more confident in our appearance. The aim is to draw the eye to
your best features and not the areas that make you feel more self-conscious.

To help with this we do have to categorize certain body shapes, of which
there are 5 main figures. Some of you will find that you fit neatly into one
of these characteristics, while others will be a mixture of a couple. If this applies to you, focus on the one that resonates with you most.

So, let’s start with the hourglass – this is characterized by a well-defined
waist and proportional bust and hips. This means you want to choose clothes
that highlight your curves and accentuate your waist, nothing to lose and
baggy. Wrap style dresses and pencil skirts can be flattering. And the good
news is that skirts are going to be coming back in vogue after the popularity of dresses in the last few seasons.

Pear Shape – this is characterized by a smaller upper body and wider hips
and thighs. Look for clothes that balance your proportions and draw attention to your upper body. ‘A’ line skirts, boatneck tops and double-breasted jackets can all work really well.

Apple Shape – this shape is characterized by a larger midsection and slimmer legs. So that’s where you want the attention to go – to your legs or facial features. Empire line dresses, open neck tops and soft tailoring will all be good.

Straight/Rectangle Shape – characterized by a straight silhouette with little definition at the waist. So belted dresses can help create the illusion of a waist. You want some structure to your clothes, nothing too flimsy or frilly and you’ll find most styles of trousers will work.

Inverted Triangle Shape – this is characterized by broader shoulders and/or
a generous bust with narrow hips. Therefore, you want to look for clothes
that draw attention to your lower body. Boot cut trousers can help achieve
this. You don’t want anything too fussy; tailoring will work well and a good
bra is essential!

Whilst these general guidelines are helpful, remember, everybody is unique.
Ultimately, the most important thing is to wear clothes that make you feel
comfortable and confident in your own skin so that when you look in a mirror
it puts a smile on your face.

As always, if you need some help evolving your style and understanding what
clothes are going to suit you best don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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