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How to keep your jumpers in perfect shape and moth free!

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Have you ever had problems with those pesky moths? The odds are that at some time or other you would have done and it’s always your favourite jumper that they seem to hit on first.
Moths like dark, dusty, warm places so wardrobes, and draws in particular, are perfect for them. The average female moth lays around 300 eggs in her 30-day life cycle, that’s a lot of potential holes for a short life!

With the colder weather upon us we’ve started wearing our winter woollies so it’s a good time to think about how to look after them best – here’s some guidelines for you to follow:

Washing –
Did you know that moths are drawn to human scent? So, by keeping them clean it will be a good deterrent – that means when it comes to spring make sure you wash your woollens before packing them away for the summer.
If you’ve got delicate cashmere that can go on a hand wash cycle in your washing machine put it in a laundry bag first. And it’s best to use a dedicated cashmere detergent which will be gentler.

Drying –
Once it’s been washed, lay it on a flat towel and gently roll to get rid of any excess water, don’t wring out. Then re-shape and dry on a flat surface, never on a hanger and don’t put in the tumble drier!
You can get racks to dry them on from places like Lakeland or Amazon –


Storing –
I keep mine in a ziplock bag, although I have read that plastic bags can cause mould to grow on your clothes. So, if it’s something you don’t wear very often you might be better off with a washable cotton bag, acid free tissue paper and using moth repellent scent bags or cedar blocks. But make sure the cedar block doesn’t directly touch your jumper.

What to do if disaster strikes –
If you find a jumper with a moth hole, make the freezer your first port of call. Put in the freezer (in a freezer bag) for up to a week (minimum 3 days) to ensure all the eggs are eradicated.
Then get it repaired as soon as possible – if left, the weave will unravel from the raw edge and the hole will just get bigger.
If it’s not a job you feel confident to tackle yourself, there are lots of repair specialist now available. Fortunately, I haven’t had to use one but these are an example of what’s available. Prices do vary a bit so it’s probably worth shopping around and please do share any good recommendations.


Invest in a de-bobbler –
These are great gadgets and you can buy battery operated or USB charged options. They give your jumpers a new lease of life because no matter how much you send on a woollen jumper it’ll be prone to pilling. If done regularly it will prevent build up and it’s actually quite a satisfying task to do.


Enjoy wearing your favourite jumper and remember if you look after it with love and care it will last so much longer.

As always, if you need any further advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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