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The power and influence of colour.







Have you ever noticed that when you’ve stepped out of the safe grey you probably often wear when slouching around the house – and into something more colourful, that it lifts your mood? Well, if you haven’t tried it, give it a go!

Grey, whilst a neutral and consistent colour which can be complimentary to many others, can often be associated with a lack of energy and hibernation.

Contrary to the claim of many colour ‘experts’, everyone can wear most colours. What makes the difference is the undertone, depth and intensity of the colour. Colour can convey powerful messages. If we are wearing the right colours that suit our natural complexion, hair and eyes, it will lift our mood, make us look more alive and youthful as well as brightening our eyes.

Take for example the colour yellow, not necessarily an easy colour to wear but one associated with sunshine, optimism and happiness, so if you get the shade right it can evoke these positive responses.

And what about red – a colour associated with passion and romance. Colour research has even shown that wearing red can make you feel sexier.

Also, think about how you would mix and blend colours together. Tonal dressing can be very effective but what about mixing pink and red together? A striking colour pairing if you want to be noticed, or how about purple and orange for a dynamic burst of creativity.

Knowing what colours suit you best can certainly make shopping much easier because then you can hone in on the palette colours that you know suit you. So, you shop by colour first before looking at style and straight away you’ve cut out a degree of sensory overload. It also helps make your wardrobe smaller, more co-ordinated, and organised. Working around a colour theme can help you develop an effective capsule wardrobe where you have a minimum of essential items that suits your personality and lifestyle needs.

Colour analysis also helps with makeup choices and hair colour, giving you advice on how to select the right tones to suit.

Interestingly, it’s been shown that if we weren’t influenced by others; friends and family, what our Mum’s used to dress us in, school uniform, culture, society and fashion trends, we’d get it right most of the time! But it’s estimated that because all these factors influence our buying decisions, we generally only get it right about 50% of the time.

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