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‘My Doris’ earrings from piccadillylily.com


Accessories encompass so much – everything apart from the main garment you’re wearing – so everything except your dress or top and bottom. Most of us just think of jewellery but it includes your shoes and hosiery, glasses, scarves, belt, nails (if you paint them) and your hair, which of course you can change and adapt.

But today I’m going to focus on jewellery, which is a great way to show off your style and personality. It can make you look polished and complete – taking it from ‘every day’ to something more unique.

It can be a great way to add a splash of colour, help co-ordinate an outfit or draw the eye to where you want the attention to go. Jewellery can be used to detract from other bodily features that you don’t feel so comfortable about. For example, if you’ve got elegant hands, make a statement ring your focus. If you’re conscious of your tummy area, like so many women of a certain age, you want to draw the eye up and this can be achieved by wearing an interesting necklace or earrings.

I’d never go out without jewellery; I love mixing it up depending on my mood and what I’m wearing, it’s part of my personal style. But there are a few guidelines I follow. For example, if I’ve got a distinctive necklace on, I’ll keep my earrings minimal, opting for simple studs, instead of anything with too much detail.

Another aspect to consider when selecting your jewellery of choice is size and scale. Whilst you can make a statement in your jewellery and be bold it’s best to balance it with the proportions and detail of your outfit. So, if you’re petite – 5’3” or less and a size 8/10, you want to keep your jewellery quite small and in proportion to your features. If, on the other hand, you’re 5’7” and size 16/18 you can go bigger in scale. For example, chunky details and bold colours.

What about the question of gold or silver? Gold has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years but for most people their skin tone will be best suited to one or the other. If you’ve got a cool skin tone, you’re best to stick with silver and if it’s warm go for gold.

But when it comes to style, like most things, if it sparks joy for you, you’ll feel confident wearing it and will be able to carry it off regardless.

Here’s some of my favourite pieces from www.piccadillylily.com  – have a look at their website for some inspiration – they have everything from classic staples to fun holiday and sparkly party pieces. And all at very affordable prices!
















These blue ‘Last True Angel’ gem earrings come in every colour imaginable and are only £12!





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