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Online wardrobe edit

Save money, save the environment and refresh your style – and you (probably) don’t even need to leave your front door. How to go about an online wardrobe edit. The received wisdom is ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ but on this occasion,

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Emerging from lockdown: Time to regenerate your style?

How to dress post lockdown – With the end of lockdown in sight, several of my clients have been expressing both excitement and doubt about dressing once again for the outside world. Sloppy jumpers and elasticated waists are comfy but can get boring and influence our mindset

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Enhancing your natural beauty

Enhancing your natural beauty –  Aligning make-up and skin tones             I often spend quite a bit of time talking to my clients about the use of colour and it’s effects – how wearing the right colour garments around your face can

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Online on trend

How to shop effectively online – I don’t think shopping online has ever been easy but now we don’t have any choice, so let’s look at how to make it simpler. There are of course some advantages from shopping online like trying everything on in the comfort

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