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Need to feel uplifted?

Are you in the right bra? Top tips for finding the right bra for you: How do you know if you are wearing the right bra? Well for starters it should be comfortable. Surprisingly, many women, especially full-busted women, associate wearing a bra with discomfort, even pain

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How to dress your partner.

How to dress your partner. What’s your fella looking like these days? Have things slipped a bit in lockdown? In need of a spruce up and update of his wardrobe? At least he can get a decent haircut but perhaps now is the time to think about

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Online wardrobe edit

Save money, save the environment and refresh your style – and you (probably) don’t even need to leave your front door. How to go about an online wardrobe edit. The received wisdom is ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ but on this occasion,

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Emerging from lockdown: Time to regenerate your style?

How to dress post lockdown – With the end of lockdown in sight, several of my clients have been expressing both excitement and doubt about dressing once again for the outside world. Sloppy jumpers and elasticated waists are comfy but can get boring and influence our mindset

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