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Online on trend

How to shop effectively online – I don’t think shopping online has ever been easy but now we don’t have any choice, so let’s look at how to make it simpler. There are of course some advantages from shopping online like trying everything on in the comfort

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Positive Style

Building Confidence through Clothes. We can certainly feel so much better about ourselves if we are happy about our sense of personal style, but identifying our own style is not always easy and it can shift over time. Sometimes you just need a helping hand from a

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New! Online Services

New! Online Services. What have I been up to during this second Covid lockdown?! Well, I’ve been busy using the time to transfer several of my services online to meet the needs of the current restrictions we face. This has the added advantage of extending my services to anyone

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Want to be more sustainable?

Want to be more sustainable? Here are a few suggestions and a bit of an update about what some retailers are doing: The fashion industry causes 10% of all green house gas emissions, producing more emissions than all international flights and shipping combined. And did you know

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