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Working with a Personal Stylist – what’s the experience like?

Working with a Personal Stylist – what’s the experience like?











My clients often say that their time with me was so much better than they anticipated; they didn’t need to feel anxious at all about letting me into their wardrobes! In fact, they felt reviewing their wardrobe with guidance from a professional, unbiased and non-judgmental eye was cathartic.

So for those of you that haven’t worked with me I thought the following information might help – please pass onto anyone you know who hates shopping, or worries about not knowing what to wear, or perhaps feels dissatisfied with their body shape or who complains that diets never work!


  • My background is in fashion retail so I know all the tricks retailers use to get you to part with your money. I now work on the ‘other side of the fence’ so to speak and make you stop, think and assess your purchasing intentions, so that you’re not making those impulse buys.


  • Most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I help you end up with a smaller wardrobe, but full of coordinated outfits – the infamous capsule wardrobe – built around your lifestyle, personality and budget.


  • This will mean you save money because you’ll only purchase what you really need and love – garments that fit you well and will last the test of time – not impulse purchases.


  • I do all the planning and hard work so you won’t be overwhelmed with choice and indecision and you’ll have fun along the way!


We’ve all had image/style wobbles at different times in our lives and lost some confidence – my job is to help you get back on track and feel good about yourself. But don’t just take this from me, have a quick look at just what three of my clients think…

Stevie (late 30’s) –
“Following the birth of my second (and last) child I realised that I needed a major wardrobe overhaul, not only to identify the good stuff, because I’d become unsure of what suited me, but to ensure that my wardrobe was able to suit my new life as a working Mummy. I nervously contacted Lesley for the first time 6 months ago and was met with an understanding ear and who listened to my ‘story’ and gently guided me to a point where I now feel much more in control of my wardrobe.

As a minimum the colour analysis is an absolute must and has been invaluable in my understanding of what suits me. Lesley also helped me appreciate my shape and now I now feel relieved that I can stop trying to ‘make’ clothes suit me and focus on the shapes and cuts that compliment my body.

I also used Lesley’s personal shopping service and wasn’t disappointed; she was focused, structured and taught me that I can be productive with limited time – which is an absolute must with young children.

Six months later I am continuing to use my ‘Style File’ and Colour chart from Lesley and feel excited about building my wardrobe using what I’ve learnt.

I also hosted a ‘Style Evening’ for my friends and they all had great fun in having their Colour Analysis done & got some great tips from Lesley in a relatively short space of time – once again this is another service that I highly recommend.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lesley, you will not be disappointed and I can assure you that it will save all those costly mistakes that we are all guilty of making!!” 

Becky, (late 40’s) –
 “I booked Lesley for a colour analysis and a wardrobe weeding.

I had a lot of things in my wardrobe that I either didn’t wear or didn’t know how to wear (what to put what with to be precise). I was basically putting my same old favourites on every day – jeans, T shirt, and a cover up. This didn’t stop me shopping though! I was still buying things that just sat in my wardrobe unsure of whether they suited me or not.

The colour analysis was great. I have a little swatch of all the colours that suit me and from that we then weeded my wardrobe, which for me was fantastic. Lesley then identified key pieces that I would need to wear with the clothes I had. I then booked a personal shopping day.

Lesley and I had a quick chat about the clothes that I wanted before setting off shopping but Lesley had already done her homework regarding where to shop and what would suit me. I now know what colours to go for and styles. The whole experience has been fantastic. It has stopped me buying/ordering clothes constantly and now when I go to my wardrobe it is so much easier to put an outfit together and feel good in it.

Lesley is such a pleasure to be with and so helpful, I cannot recommend her enough. She’s been a great help and has saved me loads of money!”

Tanya (mid 40’s) –
 “As a mum of three young children while running a business and more besides, I lost all focus on myself.  I reached a point of disliking all my clothes and hated shopping.  I definitely looked ‘mumsy’. I particularly dreaded the many social functions I was attending often feeling very uncomfortable with how I looked. I didn’t think I could feel stylish again. Lesley helped me to rediscover my own sense of style with a surprising box of tricks. My friends, family and hubby have all noticed the change and I am enjoying the feeling of being stylish again! Lesley is so genuinely passionate about what she does. She is also a kind, intuitive and an appropriately assertive soul. Meeting and working with her is such a pleasure”.

If I can help in anyway just pick up the phone and have a chat!


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