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Want to be more sustainable?

Want to be more sustainable? Here are a few suggestions and a bit of an update about what some retailers are doing: The fashion industry causes 10% of all green house gas emissions, producing more emissions than all international flights and shipping combined. And did you know

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Shopping in your wardrobe.

Shopping in your wardrobe                         How to save money and be more sustainable – I’m back! Having spent the last 6 months on a Covid free Greek Island I have returned to reality – the cold

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Confused about colour combinations?

What are good colour combinations to opt for?                     Here’s an easy guide –   With clothing shops now beginning to open you maybe temped to go out for a little bit of retail therapy but hold on,

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The Power of Colour

The Power of Colour –                          Have you ever thought about how different colours make you feel?   Colour can convey powerful messages to us and recent studies have reinforced previous findings that wearing a splash

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