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If I buy just one thing in the next few months…

  Fashion – that word crops up so much… it’s a massive industry and each season it tempts us with the new ‘must haves’. If you have a good basic wardrobe that works for your lifestyle you may only want to tweak it each season: replacing anything

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Rediscover You

I hope you’ve all had a good summer? Have you been away and indulged, eating and drinking more than you would normally? Is your waistband is a little tighter than you would like? If so, now is the time to take action – it will be so

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Holiday Packing

Well, the school holidays are fast approaching so I guess for a lot of you holidays are looming in your thoughts? So I thought that perhaps I should use this timely opportunity to remind you of some great packing tips! If you’re packing for most of your

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How to look stylish when you’re over 50?

  It’s probably more about your state of mind than anything else and if you’re thinking ‘youthful’ you’ll shop in the right places, nothing too fashionable or too frumpy – does that sound easier said than done?     Well it does become harder as we get

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